About Us

This blog is the OpEd section of the Water-Culture Institute, with posts written by David Groenfeldt (see bio) and sometimes by guest bloggers. The theme is a “new water culture” which implies a change from the water culture that has prevailed so far. The new water culture will, we hope, recognize Nature as our friend, or at least our partner, with whom we need to learn to get along for our mutual benefit. The Anthropocene does not need to spell the end of Nature but can be re-conceptualized as a new beginning…life before Eve and Adam ate the apple, and before Pandora opened the box. There is a lot of re-conceptualizing to do in the way we think about and use water and water ecosystems. This blog is a place to explore some of those ideas.

The “Comments” option is turned off because of persistent spam issues, but you are invited to make comments through the Contact Us section of the website (Just your name, email, and comment are all you need to fill out).  I will repost or summarize your comments in my blogposts from time to time.